Three Types of Usages of Mini Computers That You Need to Know
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The traditional desktop computer has been used for a long time, except for the strong hardware performance, nothing else worth praising, and the notebook computer is used for a long time, it is convenient to carry and use whenever you go out, but the weight and performance are still their shortcoming. In fact, the small size form computer can perfectly combine the advantages of these two kind computers, take the essence, remove the dross, and present us with a better experience.

Many people may have no idea about mini computers, because normal people generally have little or no knowledge of the existence of such things except for computer enthusiasts or people in the industrial control industry.

So, what exactly is an industrial computer?

Mini computer, based on the operating platform of the embedded system, can directly build a small control system or be used as a security, industrial control related operation terminal. It is small in size, can save space, low power consumption, cost-saving and environmental protection, and can realize multiple users on a single machine. Once deployed, there is no need to manage any applications, software or drivers on the device. With the development of science and technology, whether it is business office, home entertainment, or industrial control industry, the use of mini computers has met our expectations very well. Next, I will recommend the corresponding mini computers to you in three categories. 

1. Business Office

In terms of business office, user needs mainly focus on performance and configuration. Therefore, I would recommend's V6-i5K72D4U, equipped with the Intel Core i5-7200U processor, with a maximum turbo frequency of 3.1G, 3MB cache, and TDP power consumption of only 15W. Portable, simple and convenient, free up office space, and make work more efficient, natural and professional. The Core i5-7200U processor supports multiple tasks and speeds up operation. It is an excellent assistant for business office.

2. Family entertainment

In home entertainment, users mainly emphasize extended performance and high-definition display. Most people will have a desktop computer dedicated to playing games in their homes. As the second computer at home, I would recommend the AU45-i3H401C, which is the most cost-effective, not only small, but also compact. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, easy to get rid of the shackles of redundant lines, rich external connections, meet the needs of family expansion, low noise and energy saving, just to perfectly present the best HD movie experience. Small, light and handy, mini computers understand you better.

3. Industrial control industry

In the industrial control industry, most of the usage scenarios are in very harsh environments, and users pay more attention to the damp-proof function of the product. Of course, the configuration aspect should be relative to the office that can keep up with the user. Therefore, I would recommend the small host FK45-i5S62L1, the main body of frosted aluminum, the appearance is very smooth, and the fanless solution is a good news for users who have outdoor cooling needs. In addition, the features of silent, dust-proof and damp-proof make the host work more durable outdoors.

The above three mini computer hosts are recommended for the needs of three different usage scenarios, with different features. If you just need and are interested in small size form computers, you may as well stay for a few seconds and pay more attention, because mini computers will not let you down.