Functions And Uses of Industrial Control Computers
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Industrial control computer is a kind of control computer used in the industrial range. It is mainly used in any field that requires a computer in the industrial automation system. Unlike ordinary home computers, the industrial control computer has the functions of dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-vibration and anti-interference , strong compatibility and high reliability.

Industrial control computers used in industrial control generally have displays or touch screens. In terms of stability, robustness, compatibility, expandability, etc., the performance of this type of computer is higher than that of ordinary computers, and has the following advantages :

1. The industrial control computer is mini and compact, with integrated planning, easy to install, place and maintain, and save a lot of trouble for later use and maintenance.

2. In terms of material, most industrial computers choose aluminum steel, etc., because it can strengthen the shape, making the product durable, stylish and beautiful, and it is also convenient for users to embed in the application machine according to their needs.

3. The industrial computer is suitable for a variety of architectures and supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android.

4. The installation methods of industrial computer are diversified: support track type, wall type, sit-stand type, etc.

5. Industrial computers generally use fanless automatic heat dissipation solutions, and some rely on cabinet material or vent design to dissipate heat to ensure low power consumption and quiet operation.

6. The industrial computer is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, and can work at -15 to 60 degrees Celsius.

In fact, industrial computers always surround our lives, usually directly embedded in application equipment, so few people will notice or know. Industrial control computers are widely used, generally used in road and bridge control toll systems, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication guarantees, intelligent traffic control systems, building security monitoring, voice call centers, POS counter cash registers, CNC machine tools, financial information processing, petrochemical data Collection and processing, field portable operations, environmental protection, military industry, electric power, railways, highways, subways, smart buildings, etc.

The following shows the application scenarios of some areas, so that everyone can understand more in detail. For example, aviation field: airport dynamic information display, query, monitoring management system, etc.; financial field: POS machine, ATM machine, self-service query terminal, etc.; Internet of things field: smart home, smart building, smart medical, etc.; smart control field:  water treatment System, vision system, motion control, machine tool control and other automatic control systems; remote video monitoring field: building monitoring, bank monitoring, home monitoring, public car monitoring, etc.

The above is a brief description of the functions and uses of industrial computers. If you want to know more about industrial computers, please continue to pay attention to the Realan Technology website.